Little Bakes wrapped in Mindful messages

Melt-in-your MouthDelectable Caramel & Cinnamon Speculoos Flavour
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72 unique messages

A Little Goes A Long Way

Little Bakes, were born out of our mission is to spread meaningful moments of happiness through little indulgences, "just because".

Each biscuit is individually wrapped in packaging adorned with 72 unique mindful messages to make your day. They're like a positive affirmation fortune biscuit, designed to encourage mindfulness and a positive mindset.

Made with love & tradition in Belgium, Little Bakes are a delectable caramel & cinnamon sugar Speculoos flavour, that will melt-in-your-mouth and keep you coming back for more.

Why You'll Love Our Biscuits

Traditional Beligian Recipe

Crafted following a traditional Belgian recipe these bites of indulgence pair perfectly with coffee and tea

Caramelised Cinnamon Speculoos Flavour

Our caramelised biscuits offer a delectably sweet cinnamon flavour that melts in your mouth and will have customers coming back for more

Mindful Messages

More than just a biscuit, your customers will be left feeling uplifted and motivated with the mindful and motivational quotes that envelop our biscuits.

72 Messages to Collect

Build Customer loyalty and increase customer retention with the 72 unique and delightful messages on our biscuits, designed to encourage mindfulness.

Vegan Friendly & Peanut Free

Everyone can enjoy a small moment of indulgence with our vegetarian, dairy-free and peanut-free biscuits!

Box of 300 - Little Bakes Caramel & Cinnamon Sugar Biscuits (12 x 25 Sleeves Carton)


Box of 300 Individually wrapped biscuits. (12 Sleeves of 25 Biscuits)

Delectably sweet and enveloped in unique mindful and motivational messages, our Sincerely Speculoos caramelised biscuits are perfect with a cup of coffee, tea or just on their own! 

Individually wrapped and vegan-friendly, our Little Bakes Sincerely Speculoos biscuits are the perfect, complementary little bite of indulgence.

Carton includes 300 individually wrapped Little Bakes Sincerely Speculoos biscuits. 

Caramelised Cinnamon FlavourEnveloped in Mindful MessagesIndividually Wrapped Biscuits
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A Little Goes A Long WayWhy Customers Love Little Bakes

Mia | Sydney NSW

Got handed a biscuit with my coffee from my local cafe after having a rough morning. Made me feel better instantly!

Shania | Port Douglas QLD

These biscuits are amazing! This got gifted to us at our Airbnb stay. What a great message, and they taste so divine!

Dale | Gold Coast QLD

Received one from a cafe and enjoyed it so much, I travelled to Brisbane just to get my hands on more. Great flavour.

Morgan | Melbourne VIC

How cute are these biscuits!? I always look forward to them when visiting my fave coffee spot. I love the positivity.

Jemma | Brisbane QLD

Little Bakes biscuits are my go-to. I always make sure to get an extra pack for my Grandma, she loves it with her tea!